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Research interests

2. Environmental Epigenetics
I maintain an active interest in fundamental epigenetic processes and epigenetic changes in response to environmental exposures. My collaborative work has included examining the impact of morphine exposure on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA methylation in different regions of the rat brain (Barrow et al, 2017, Epigenetics), and the impact of diet upon epigenetic models of ageing (Sae-Lee et al, 2018, Mol Nutr Food Res). I also contributed to a study which demonstrated, for the first time, that exposure to carcinogenic compounds and endocrine disruptors can modify RNA m6A methylation (Cayir et al, 2019, Environ Res).


Hypomethylation of COMT in the pons in response to acute and chronic morphine exposure

Reduction in m6A RNA methylation with increasing exposure to PM2.5

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